About Us

Secure Identity Systems grew out of our parent company, FNB Merchants, a provider of credit card issuing and processing to financial institutions across the country, in order to better address the rampant fraud and authentication issues that are inherent to the financial industry. The solution was more of a challenge than was first realized. After searching the country for solutions, including trips to Washington D.C. to meet with regulators and legislators, Secure Identity Systems came to the following conclusions:

The problem that Washington D.C. identified was different than most people outside the beltway understood it: most Americans viewed identity theft to be a credit-related problem, with solutions almost 100% exclusive to credit-bureau related answers only. Yet according to Washington, more than 70% of identity theft is non-credit related, including the number one usage in America for illegally used identification — illegal aliens using stolen Social Security numbers and/or driver’s license numbers for employment.

There was a technology deficit at the time in the U.S. where financial institutions were forced to play “catch-up” to ever-increasing technology and advancements from cyber-thieves, versus making cyber-thieves be the ones to have to play “catch-up.”

This led us to take a lesson from September 11th, 2001. We took our first trip to Israel to see what was being done to reduce fraud and improve identity authentication in their country. What we found was that Israel was light years ahead of us. For example, they deployed steel secure doors on airline cockpits decades before 9-11. Ultimately the trips to Israel yielded patented technologies that were brought to the United States and became what is today Secure Identity Systems.