If You're a Victim
If you find out that you have become a victim of identity theft, please contact our Resolution Department at 615-377-7661.
Our staff will conduct an initial interview to gather information related to the incident. We will then assign the case to a Personal Recovery Advocate. The advocate will then call to begin the process necessary to recover your identity.
For complicated cases of identity theft, documents may be sent out overnight for your signature. These documents will then be returned to your recovery advocate so that they can begin work on your behalf. You will be given direct access to this advocate so that you can receive updates and provide them with additional information. The advocate will keep detailed logs of activity so that information is available should prosecution be necessary.
While having your identity stolen is never a pleasant event, you will not have to lose sleep about how you will take care of recovery. Our dedicated staff will work until your identity is completely restored, no matter how long it takes.